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When Christian, heterosexual, cisgender, white men worry about not seeing enough people who look like them in popular media, they call it a “loss of conventional values.” But when people of any minority status express the same worries about their own lack of representation, those Christian, heterosexual, cisgender, white men call it an “obsession with political correctness.”
We’re Here, We’re… Look, We’re Just Here, All Right? (via tvlkingdeads)




Dear White People…

The Uncensored Version of the trailer.

Yall make sure you support this film. The white whine is already deafening. However, discussing shit like this so they know it’s not ok and we DONT live in a post racial society is VITAL AND IMPORTANT. Its opening in select theaters (New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.) on October 17 and it opens Nationwide October 24th !!!!

Will be taking my family when it opens Nationwide 

I seriously cant wait!!!

Wait, white people need to stop dancing? That’s the only thing I disagree with. Everyone should dance, even if they suck at it. 


It’s called Thug Kitchen. How often are white vegans from the ‘burbs ever going to be seen as thugs, versus any black guy ever? Curse all you want but don’t come with some bullshit about being a “thug”. Unless these people are shady as shit then I don’t see them killin folks and selling drugs to fund their book. They aren’t thugs. Also, I don’t even get why they choose the name Thug Kitchen. Thugs aren’t fucking cool, by definition you’re a violent criminal.

This is a white couple who needed a gimmick to sell a vegan food blog and they used a word with a lot of racial undertones. Call it “Vegan Cooking Bitch!” and I couldn’t give two shits, but I’m not okay with Thug Kitchen.

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